Thank you for stopping by! I imagine you might be here because you either have an event to organise, or because you're recently engaged. Whichever it is, congratulations! You're about to enter the wonderful world of planning; it's a world that I love and cannot wait to share with you.

I’m Katrina (or Kat, as you may have gathered if you took a gander at the homepage)! With over 15 years of working in hospitality, 7 of which spent as a coordinator at one of the top 100 wedding venues in the world, you can rest assured that I know weddings. I am an avid fan of organisation (much to the dismay of my other half who, on occasion just wants to go a holiday that doesn’t come complete with daily itineraries) and I believe that planning ahead of time, is the key to all success.

I love nothing more than building relationships; relationships with couples, with their families and friends, with suppliers… anyone! Your celebrations are something that I am entirely invested in (the chances are if it's your wedding day, I’ll be crying as you walk down the aisle). I want to become that friend who, is just particularly organised and there to take a massive weight off so that you can have the best day of your life.

Before I go getting all nosey, however, I figure it’s only fair for me to share a little bit about myself. I currently live in Bedfordshire with my amazing, photographer partner and our gorgeous little boy. We have a dog called Winston who, has us entirely wrapped around his little finger (and I’m totally fine with it). My summer days are best spent in the garden, sipping on an Aperol Spritz whilst I’m never happier in winter, than when I’m cosied up in front of a fire with an excessively large cheeseboard.

Now over to you! I would love to find out if or how I can help you create your perfect celebration, so get in touch and say hello.

Lots of love, Katrina x

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